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The Village of Wellington

A family-oriented bedroom community, Wellington balances a unique hometown, family atmosphere with an attractive natural environment.   One of the most successfully crafted communities in Palm Beach County, it has become known for its abundant parks, quality schools, attractive neighborhoods and equestrian interests.

Originally farmland, this western community was known as the world’s largest strawberry patch. For all practical purposes, real estate development began in th e1970’s, and over the last decade, Wellington has seen a boom in population and the commercial growth that accompanies it.  Maintaining its small-town feel, Wellington has many retail shops, an indoor mall, Wellington Green, gated and non-gated communities, theatres, and A-rated schools.

The Palm Beach Polo Club brings equestrians from around the world to play on its grounds. From Prince Charles to the South American polo players who come to join in the competitive fun, the polo season is a delight. As such, it has been named the “winter equestrian capital of the world.”

In 1953, fewer than 100 individuals resided in the area.  Today, Wellington is an affluent and thriving community.  There is a diversity of homes in Wellington, from affordable real estate rental apartments to lavish equestrian homes with stables and acres of land, to large expanses of homes that include private airplane hangars.